How to generate Camera Translations





Generate Camera translations on Android

Tap on the camera icon, located right next to the microphone icon. Once the rectangular frame appears, adjust the text you would like to translate and tap on the blue button in the middle. 

Disclaimer: The Camera feature is supported by the Auto mode, which means that if you adjust your input language on auto and scan the text, the app will immediately detect your language. 


Generate Camera translations on iOS

With Talk & Translate you can use the camera on your iOS device and translate on the move.

Simply tap on the camera icon and then select the language you want to translate from and the desired language you want to translate to by tapping on the language icons at the bottom of the screen.

After taking a picture, using the camera you will get the translated result as an overlay box on your taken image.

Offline Camera - Offline camera translations are available in the Premium Version of Talk & Translate. Please note that not all languages support Offline mode.