How to generate Voice Translations




Generate voice translations on Android

Tap on the microphone icon, located at the bottom centre of the screen. Start talking to the micrhone and allow the app a couple of seconds to generate the translation for you. You will hear the pronunciation as well. 

Disclaimer: Please note that the Voice translation is not yet supported in Auto Translation mode.


Generate voice translations on iOS

Voice-to-Voice - Speak in your native language and get a translation to a language of your choice.

Simply tap on the microphone icon, and after that, tap on the language icon that you want to translate from. The device will listen to your Voice and translate to the language that you want to translate to. The blue pinging circle around the language indicates that the app is listening for the specific language (You can see it in the image below).

You can change the voice languages from the home screen.
As a free user, you have access to 5 free voice translations. As a Premium user, you have no limit on Voice Translations.
Offline Voice - Offline voice translations are available in the Premium Version of Talk & Translate. Please note that not all languages support Offline mode.