How do I use the "Tap to Translate" feature?


Tap to Translate allows you to use your dictionary of choice to look up words in any other Android app in just a few taps.
To enable/disable Tap To Translate:
1. Open the In-App Settings
2. Tap On Tap To Translate
3. Enable/disable the Tap To Translate Switch.
If you are running Android 10 you will be prompted to allow drawing over other apps.


Show Floating Icon:
If you have enabled/disabled the Show Floating Icon option the following will change: A floating bubble will show on your screen which you can tap on when you have copied a word into the clipboard. After tapping on the bubble, the word definition will open in the dictionary app.

How to use Tap To Translate:
1. Tap twice on the word you wish to lookup.
2. If the floating bubble has been enabled tap on it after copying a word.
Second method:
3. Tap on the context menu with 3 dots.
4. Tap on the dictionary that you want to look a word up with.
For a more visual explanation, please check out the two Tap-to-Translate videos in the section below.
Third method:
1.Tap on the burger menu
2.Go to Settings
3. Go to Tap to Translate
4. Tap on the toggle switch to enable the feature
5. A notification will pop-up on your screen
6.Tap on the word and hold
7. Tap on the Tap to Translate notification
8. Tap on "Translate"
9. The word will appear in the app.