Why does my Oxford Dictionary of English license for iOS not work in China?


Our apologies for any inconvenience. It is a fact that China has restrictions/approvals in regards to some services and has added a new one to content apps. 
This means that we are not able to provide our services in China at the moment. 
Please, keep the following in mind: 

  • For users with account on the Chinese AppStore - ODE will not be available for download
  • Users with Chinese accounts who have downloaded the application before October 2021 are able to keep using it, but can't update to the latest versions ,or to reinstall the app. If the users delete any existing versions of the app for the time being, they will not be able to download the app again.
  • Users, on the territory of Mainland China who have a later version than 14.0, will not be able to use the app as expected, because the device will signal it's on Chinese territory