Create OfficeSuite documents in MobiDrive


Create OfficeSuite documents Windows

1. Open the MobiDrive widget located in your Windows PC taskbar.

2. Tap New.

3. Choose the type of file you want to create.


Create OfficeSuite documents Android

You can create OfficeSuite files and PDF Extra scans in MobiDrive. 

  • Documents.
  • Spreadsheets.
  • Presentations with OfficeSuite.
  • Scan-to-PDF with PDF Extra. 

Create a file or a folder 

  1. Open MobiDrive
  2. Tap Add

  3. Choose what you want to create: a new document, spreadsheet, presentation, scan, or a new folder.


Create OfficeSuite documents iOS

You can easily create OfficeSuite files and PDF Extra scans in MobiDrive.

1. Open MobiDrive.

2. Tap New.

3. Choose and tap on the file you want to create:
- Document with OfficeSuite.
- Spreadsheet with OfficeSuite.
- Presentation with OfficeSuite.
- Scan-to-PDF with PDF Extra.
- Create a file or a folder