MobiDrive security level

Why is MobiDrive trustworthy

MobiDrive is a constantly evolving and secure cloud that can help you seamlessly store and manage all your documents, images, and videos. It uses TLS/SSL encryption for all data transits, and it’s built with an infrastructure that protects and backs up your work and provides swift and focused access to it.

And since data protection is the constant and highest goal, your MobiDrive cloud offers you a top-notch security level of service, compatible with personal and organizational storage - a safe space for information, identities, and applications.

What’s more in it

- Reliability - MobiDrive uses industry-leading cloud service providers to store users’ files. It provides services like sharing, file versions, offline files, etc. Based on the SLAs of those providers, MobiDrive ensures 99.95% monthly uptime and 99.999999999% annual durability.

- Fully GDPR compliant, MobiDrive collects the minimum amount of personal data necessary for its services. Users have the rights to access and receive a copy of their personal data held by MobiDrive. Users can also rectify any information they find inaccurate and request deletion of all data, including files stored in MobiDrive.

- Security - all users’ files are fully protected and cannot be accessed without proper authentication. MobiDrive offers a variety of authentication methods like Google, Facebook, and Apple, including a custom authentication with Email and a password. Users are responsible for keeping their identity safe and secure. Keep in mind that MobiDrive is not liable for data leaks or losses due to external identity theft (for example, using a compromised Facebook account or exposed email and password).

The security level is additionally supported by an HTTPS protocol for data transfer - it ensures users cannot be intercepted during a data transfer. MobiDrive also provides functions that are specially designed to increase security. For example, File Versions is a protection against ransomware as it allows restoration of the last available version before the attack.

MobiDrive is securing your work and information also via:

- Encryption during the transfer

- Cloud compliance

- SLA availability (Service-level agreement availability)

- End-to-end privacy protection

- PIPEDA compliance

- 6-layer security as a higher level of protection