Set or change payment method for MobiDrive


Set or change payment method Windows

If you subscribed to MobiDrive on

  1. Sign in to your MobiSystems account in Dashboard
  2. Under Subscriptions & Purchases, click on the subscription product you want to manage
  3. Click Update billing info

Note: If you do not find the Update billing info button, check your subscription's origin. You might have subscribed through a third-party seller.


Set or change payment method Android

You want to set or change your payment method on Google Play store.
You can add, remove or edit the payment method for your MobiDrive subscription on Google Play store. 

For further questions and troubleshooting to common payment issues, check Google Play Help or contact Google.


Set or change payment method iOS

1. Open App store and tap Menu.

2. Tap your account.

3. Tap Manage Payments.

4. Tap Add Payment Method.

5. Tap the payment method you want and tap Done.