MobiDrive in File Commander

When you sign up for a MobiSystems account, you get cloud storage included. Your cloud storage allowance will vary with your license level.

  • 5GB for free (if you use FileCommander without an account)
  • 20GB if you have an account and you have installed and signed into both applications (FileCommander and MobiDrive)
  • 50GB for Premium Plus users

To see your storage allowance and how much of that is already used

  • check the MobiDrive storage bar on Home, or
    check the MobiDrive icon in the Navigation drawer.

Upload to MobiDrive
1. Tap the MobiDrive storage bar or tap the MobiDrive icon in the navigation drawer. 
2. Tap the + button, tap Upload a file
3. Locate and select your file. Tap OK